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We are passionate about our world of tobacco. This is where innovation meets old craftmanship, where we meet our customers and where the only limit is our imagination.

Regis Broersma
Jul 18, 2017

My Ignition - President of General Cigar Co Regis...

luk de leeuw
May 31, 2017

My Ignition - HR Manager Luk De Leeuw

Jan 20, 2017

Growing Talent

Dec 21, 2016

My Ignition - Senior Vice President Legal & Public...

Alastair Williams
Nov 29, 2016

My Ignition - Head of Sales Alastair Williams

Oct 12, 2016

My Ignition - Master Blender Iris Hols

Aug 18, 2016

Global Design Award Winner

International Brand Manager Hans Greibe Hansen and Master Blender Lasse Berg
Jul 6, 2016

Setting New Standards in Pipe Tobacco