Marketing and Our View on Smoking

We acknowledge that tobacco products are different from other consumer products and that the health risks associated with them require stricter regulation – in particular to prevent children and adolescents from taking up smoking.

Our View on Smoking

Smoking is for adults only, and the health risk must be taken seriously by everybody. Every smoker should balance the pleasure of smoking against the risk involved, and then make a personal choice whether to smoke or not.

We do not work to increase the number of smokers or to grow the total market for tobacco. We grow our business by growing our market share and by encouraging smokers to choose our products and categories over those of competitors.

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We target our advertising and promotion to adults only. 

We have procedures in place that ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in all our individual markets.

We work in different regulatory regimes in different markets. Our principles set minimum standards and govern where local regulations are less restrictive, either because tobacco is generally less regulated or because the regulation in place does not cover a specific activity.

Our marketing principles have recently been revised. Our staff is trained to comply with the principles, and we share them with our distributors in our many export markets.