The history of Scandinavian Tobacco Group

The roots of Scandinavian Tobacco Group stretch to more than 200 years ago, when the three Danish tobacco dynasties, Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, Copenhagen (founded 1750), C.W. Obel, Aalborg (1787) and R. Færchs Fabrikker, Holstebro (1869), launched their first products.

In 1961, the three businesses decided to merge into one strong company to strengthen their position in the face of the international competition that would follow from the creation of the European Community. This led to the establishment of Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni (Scandinavian Tobacco) – later renamed Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

A few years earlier, in 1957, Chr. Augustirnus Fabrikker launched the cigarette brand Prince in Denmark by Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker.  Over the next 50 years Prince established itself as the best-selling cigarette brand in Scandinavia of all time with a total market share of 62%.

From the outset, Scandinavian Tobacco (ST) was unarguably Denmark's largest tobacco company, and its position was further consolidated in 1972 when Nordisk BAT (the former American Tobacco Company) merged with ST.

In the years that followed, ST took over brands and production plants from several Danish tobacco companies including A.M. Hirschsprung & Sønner, Copenhagen (founded 1826), P. Wulff, Copenhagen (1868), N. Tørring, Odense (1867), J.P. Schmidt Jun., Fredericia (1778), E. Nobel, Cigar- & Tobaksfabrikker, Nykøbing F. (1835) and Petersen & Sørensen, Horsens (1865).

In 1990, ST was converted into a group of companies and its activities were hived off to independent subsidiaries. Cigarettes were placed in House of Prince, cigars went to Nobel Cigars, and the Group’s smoking tobacco activities were transferred to the newly-founded Orlik Tobacco Company (OTC) for which ownership was split evenly with Assens Tobaksfabrik.

In 1991, Nobel Cigars took over all the cigar activities of E. Nobel in Nykøbing, Denmark.

In 1992, ST acquired the cigarette factory Riga Tobacco Factory in Latvia.

In 1995, Nobel Cigars established a new bobbin factory, PT United Tobacco Processing, in Java, Indonesia.

In 1995, ST established a cigarette factory in Jawornik outside Krakow in Poland.

In 1996, ST acquired Henri Wintermans Cigars in the Netherlands.

In 1998, Henri Wintermans set up the sales company Henri Wintermans Cigars France.

In 1998, ST acquired J. L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrikk, Norway's largest manufacturer, importer and distributor of tobacco products.

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