Ignited People

Ignited People

Scandinavian Tobacco Group employs more than 7,600 people across the world. We continuously strive to attract the most talented and ignited people to join our organisation.

“Blending is like cooking. Once you understand the basics, you can apply that knowledge to provide new experiences.”

Iris Hols Master Blender, Netherlands Meet Iris

“We thrive on the challenges in the market that we operate and share our successes. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing good people develop into great people.”

Alastair Williams Head of Sales, United Kingdom Meet Alastair

“Our industry has its challenges because it is regulated and perceived by some as a controversial business; I’m focused on how we as a company can make a difference for the better.”

Mette Valentin Senior Vice President Legal & Public Affairs, Denmark Meet Mette

“I am energized when I am in a crowd, engaging with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. It’s important for me to keep developing and learning,”

Luk de Leeuw HR Manager, Belgium Meet Luk