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With 25 years of experience in the tobacco industry, Senior Vice President Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Thomas Lindegaard is regarded as an expert who enjoys innovating with passion.

From chemical engineer to leading Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s scientific and regulatory branch, Lindegaard successfully transitioned into the tobacco industry because of his appreciation for the sensory aspect of the products, their scientific complexity and the moments of enjoyment they deliver.

“Creating a tobacco product relies so much on your ability to use your sensory experience. My role involves understanding the relevant science behind the product, the chemistry of the tobacco and making sure our products remain compliant with the current and quickly evolving regulations.”

Lindegaard is recognised across the Group for his intellectual prowess and keen ability to engage with the markets and experts in the production environment to ensure compliance whilst developing our product portfolio.

“The fact that creating a blend is half art and half science is fascinating to me. I have for many years worked closely with marketing colleagues around the world to understand what the consumers want when creating new blends and products, and my team in Holland and the US to make sure we have processes in place to stay compliant. It’s about making sure that we stay updated on understanding our product from a scientific and technical point of view.”

Learn more about how we create nature’s finest here: https://www.st-group.com/en/about-our-tobacco

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