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Designing strategies. Exploring business opportunities. Developing markets. Building teams. Scandinavian Tobacco Group Canada President Sylvain Laporte is ignited whenever he can create something new.

Hailing from the Laurentians in southern Quebec, Laporte’s background in architecture and sales were the framework for his success in constructing the Group’s Canadian business unit from the ground up, along with developing the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg markets.

“I studied architecture before switching to sales, and I realised that I always need to be creative and find different ways of doing business. I see myself as an entrepreneur and manage the business as if it were my own. I’m always thinking ahead, learning about our industry and trying to reinvent the wheel.”

The ever-changing regulatory landscape and size of the country create challenges and opportunities for Laporte and his team, and credits collaboration for upholding his entity’s position as a market leader.

“We have our challenges and limitations so everyone needs to work together to be able to do a great job. An architect is like a designer and my staff are the engineers who support my dream by being innovative and seeing the benefit of change.”

Whether it’s amongst the natural grandeur of the Canadian countryside or whilst racing high-performance cars, Laporte spends his time outside the office reflecting and dreaming up his next project.

“I need to be in my bubble. The demands of my job are high and I’m always surrounded by people – at the office, when I’m traveling across the country or exploring untapped markets around the world – so I try to surround myself in nature, stay active and find an adrenaline rush when I can. To me, cars symbolise power, exclusivity, freedom and control – an opportunity to push the limits and challenge convention. That’s what I like because I’m ignited when I can create something new.”

Discover other ignited colleagues and learn about exciting career opportunities at Scandinavian Tobacco Group: http://www.st-group.com/en/careers

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