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Ignited by concepts, Oscar Fant frames his experiences to grasp the bigger picture and drive performance in the newest Scandinavian Tobacco Group sales entity in Sweden.

“I tend to see things in conceptual ways, which inspires new ideas and helps me connect the dots in everything I do. When I know the overall picture and goal, I examine the details and can visualise concepts in my head and then break things down into action plans. One of the main reasons I decided to join Scandinavian Tobacco Group has been the links I see between the brands, the stories, the heritage, the experiences and the moments of enjoyment. These concepts are reflected in our values and help me focus on achieving our objectives.”

Fant began his career in his native Gothenburg before moving to Stockholm a few years ago, where he eventually assumed the role of Sales Operation Manager for Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sweden.

“Sales have always been around me – in terms of the roles I have held and the people I engage with. I’m drawn to the high energy that comes with the role and the excitement of making new deals. I accepted the position at Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sweden because I was excited to work in a new setup and ready for more responsibilities to take my career to the next step. I have worked in very established companies and roles before, so this was a great opportunity for me to be a part of something from scratch and to work in a new industry. Although I haven’t worked with tobacco prior to joining the Group, I enjoy the products we create and I'm inspired by the heritage.”

Building a new sales company takes dedication, teamwork and passion. In his current role, Fant is responsible for forecasting, business intelligence, executing the sales strategy and the customer relationship management system. Yet he credits his success to the strong collaborative culture that pervades the office.

“I identify opportunities and manage daily challenges by working closely together with colleagues in sales, marketing and external stakeholders. I continue to be pleasantly surprised how open and willing my colleagues are to share ideas and best practices; there’s a high level of energy and entrepreneurial feeling here. There’s so much more I want to learn about Scandinavian Tobacco Group so I can develop myself and build a network within the organisation, but my main focus is to make Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sweden a successful and sustainable sales entity.”

Discover other ignited colleagues and learn about exciting career opportunities at Scandinavian Tobacco Group: https://www.st-group.com/en/careers.

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