“Be the undisputed, global leader in cigars and pipe tobacco.”


relentless focus on smoking enjoyment and on becoming
the undisputed leader in cigars and pipe tobacco.
this is key to how we ensure sustainable shareholder value.


We operate in attractive niche segments of the global tobacco industry and we are a world leader in the attractive categories of cigars and pipe tobacco. We are a global company with strongholds in North America, Europe and Australia, and we are proud of our recognised and diversified brand portfolio with several hundred brands in our product ranges.

We have an innovative and consumer-focused approach to our brand portfolio management resting on a strong understanding of our consumers across markets and categories, and we are committed to developing our brands, concepts and products for markets all over the world.

We benefit from having a global supply chain and a continuous focus on outperforming the overall market through simplifying for efficiency, optimising our cost base and becoming more efficient while leveraging
our growth opportunities enabled by a winning mindset across our organisation. By leveraging our platforms to maximise sales, cost and cash opportunities, we want to be able to deliver sustainable shareholder returns.

Our strategy focuses on four business priorities. Across categories and markets, these priorities help us create value from our recognised brands, extensive tobacco expertise, global scale, market footprint and supply
The strategy consists of a simple framework. Our vision describes what we strive to achieve; our four business priorities outline the strategic focus for decisions; and our six must win battles describe how we execute our strategy.



our strategy focuses on four business priorities. 
across categories and markets these help us create 
value from our recognised brands, extensive tobacco expertise, 
global scale market footprint and supply chain.

The overall market where we complete

We focus on winning market share and unlocking the value in market leadership.


The geographical footprint

We expand our business into new markets by building, acquiring or merging.


For efficiency

We want to do more with less by improving efficiency and reducing complexity.


For speed, accountability and motivation

We want people with a winning mindset who are engaged and enabled.

our must win battles

Our six must win battles are about execution of the strategy. They represent our highest priorities and they dictate the prioritisation of time and resources.

Increase market share and optimise and manage prices effectively.

With the creation of one American business unit we are well positioned to accelerate growth and improve efficiency.

Develop and execute M&A strategy to strengthen our position.

Lead Performance to the Next level
Improve efficiencies by developing leaner, faster and more agile operations.
Enable a winning organisation
Invest in stronger HR capabilities, create global excellence centres and increase focus on accountability and performance.

Bring IT to the next level to fully support and guide the business.