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Andres Maturen is ignited in collaborative, high energy environments that foster change while testing his abilities to deliver innovative marketing solutions.

“That moment when we finish the task and feel confident in our strategy to present our proposition… that moment ignites me. It makes me feel like we have clarity now and now we are resolving the problem. That’s a marvellous feeling for me.”

Maturen began his marketing career in his native Venezuela working with international FMCG brands and learning how the right pricing, the right communication, the right product and the right tools can support the sales department, which he later translated across his two roles at Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

“In Venezuela, where the context and the political, economic and social environments change quickly, I had to learn to adapt and that experience gave me the flexibility to relocate and accept a role at Scandinavian Tobacco Group Spain managing brands and overseeing different product categories. I want to be the best at what I do. Working three years for a Scandinavian company in a culture I was not 100% immersed in was a big shift from my experience in Venezuela, but the structural processes I learned allowed me to excel in Spain and then here in the US … it’s been a really nice journey so far.”

In 2016, Maturen joined General Cigar Company, a leading manufacturer and marketer of handcrafted cigars for the premium market in the US owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, as Associate Brand Manager for the luxury portfolio. He accepted the role of Brand Manager in July 2017 and oversees some of our Group’s leading handmade cigar brands.

“In marketing, the year starts with the planning process in the spring and that’s my favourite part because we can be creative and analyse what’s happening with the brands with colleagues who work across the organisation. I see marketing as the directors of an orchestra; ensuring that everything comes together in a holistic way. I have a whole range of people that I work with. Aside from managing our product portfolio, I work with the international marketing team in the Netherlands and, when I’m not in the office, I’m visiting markets, clients and attending events around the country, and going out to factories once a year in the Dominican Republic and Honduras to learn how our products are produced. It’s inspiring to see the craftsmanship and meet passionate people who put their heart and soul in the products.”

Always seeking different perspectives that he can translate into his work life, Maturen is inspired when he can get out of his comfort zone.

“I’m quite curious and get bored in stable environments. I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie so I like physical activities like rock climbing, surfing, trekking, kayaking and football that test my limits. I need change, new influx of information, new experiences. Anything that allows me to get my hands dirty – this could mean starting new projects, exploring new places and cultures – is an opportunity for me to problem solve and learn.”

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