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Over a decade since he joined Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK, Alastair Williams continues to embrace the challenging nature of the sales environment.

As Head of Sales, 45-year-old Williams leads the UK sales team of nearly 30 people where he is either on the road visiting customers, conducting training or navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the tobacco industry.

“We thrive on the challenges in the market that we operate and share our successes. After 11 years, I am still ignited when I see how committed, passionate and focused all in the organisation are in aspiring to hit our goals – nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing good people develop into great people.”

Born in Liverpool, Williams built his career working across the country in the hotel, real estate and fast moving consumer goods industries before moving over to Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK.

“I realised I was thriving in the highly competitive nature of a challenging sales environment, having gained recognition winning various top performance awards. Sales is my niche and, wanting to grow and fulfill my career aspirations, I joined Scandinavian Tobacco Group and never looked back!”

Outside of work, Williams enjoys being active and spending time with his family, taking every opportunity to set new personal goals.

“I’m proud to watch my immediate family develop in trying to become better in all that they do; we are a competitive and active bunch. I love sports and my passion is tennis, where I will not accept mediocrity in my own performance. I commit 100% as I do at work…. I want to win whatever the battle!”

Discover other ignited colleagues and learn about exciting career opportunities at Scandinavian Tobacco Group: http://www.st-group.com/en/careers

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