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At only 24 years of age, Master Blender Iris Hols creates pipe tobacco mixtures at the P.G.C. Hajenius cigar store in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Before assuming her role five years ago, Hols discovered the shop whilst studying commerce in Amsterdam and soon after began her career in sales. She was then quickly promoted to Master Blender atP.G.C. Hajenius because of her keen interest in learning the craft and passion for realising new concepts.

“In the days when I was studying in Amsterdam, I thought I would be the happiest woman if I could work here.”

Although Hols is not your typical connoisseur, her talent and creativity comes from her interest in fashion, food and her family, who inspire her innovative nature.

“Blending is like cooking. Once you understand the basics, you can apply that knowledge to provide new experiences.”

Hols manages multiple tasks in a dynamic environment. Blending pipe tobacco, conducting trainings and collaborating with colleagues in store, Hols also engages with clients from all walks of life.

“Working at Hajenius has helped me understand how to handle situations and how to respond to all types of different people,” she says. “I get ignited when I am able to capture somebody’s taste in a blend.”

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