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Mette Valentin is ignited when she can make an impact in an industry that faces unique challenges.

A Danish native, Valentin rose to the helm of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s Legal & Public Affairs department following a successful career in a large law firm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“When I took the leap to work for Scandinavian Tobacco Group, I was drawn by the fact that I would to get an in-depth view of the business of one particular industry. I’ve never been a smoker and that has not prevented me from making an impact in my work. Our industry has its challenges because it is regulated and perceived by some as a controversial business; I’m focused on how we work with our products and how we as a company can make a difference for the better.”

Having been over 20 years with the Group, Valentin is thriving and enjoys the unpredictable nature of her work.

“We are a responsible company that places an emphasis on complying with the law and our various policies on, for instance, environment, health and safety. Working with legal and public affairs in this tobacco world is about being able to combine regulatory, commercial, ethical and sometimes political aspects of a given issue, which makes my already international job even more challenging and exciting. The brilliant people I work with across the Group continue to inspire me, so I’m really happy with my job.”

Amidst the constant demands of her role, Valentin’s hobbies help her focus when at work.

“I enjoy culture, being in nature and aspire to be a good leader. It’s my responsibility to ensure that everyone I’m responsible for is happy to come to work.”

In addition to adding value through the work she performs with her department in the legal and public affairs field, Valentin’s achievements have been also recognised outside the Group.

“I was flattered to be awarded the 2016 Danish Corporate Attorney Prize – this is a very special accolade and I am really pleased that others acknowledge that I make a difference.”

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