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Moments of enjoyment are inspired by craftsmanship. When particular effort is put toward creating new concepts, passion is ignited.

Greibe Hansen is driven by his passion for craftsmanship, but also the knowledge that his work really has an impact. Retaining complete creative control of the pipe tobacco category for the Group, his primary areas of focus include managing a complex brand portfolio, developing products and supporting the markets.

“My work is exciting and complex,” Greibe Hansen says; “it is probably the category with the most passionate, enthusiastic and loyal consumers.”

When he isn’t juggling these myriad responsibilities for the category, Greibe Hansen looks for inspiration while urban gardening on a rooftop in his inner Copenhagen neighbourhood.

“Having this hobby helps you stay creative in your line of work and it gets you out of your comfort zone,” Greibe Hansen says; “it gives me a fresh perspective and I think it is very important to try something new.”

Greibe Hansen collaborated closely with Berg, who has decades of experience working professionally with tobacco. Passionate about his craft, Berg spent his career exploring how to successfully fuse different varieties of the tobacco leaf and has developed numerous unique blends.

“Lasse is a craftsman and his expertise is what helps him realise successful ideas,” Greibe Hansen says, “allowing me to bring them to life as a marketer.”

Using traditional techniques largely forsaken a century ago, Greibe Hansen and Berg experimented with various ingredients unique to the sub-arctic Scandinavian climate.

“Hans inspires me to innovate in ways I didn’t think of,” says Berg. “He is passionate about tradition and dedicated to finding new and exciting ways to realise concepts.”

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