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Nancy Ummels is a passionate human resource professional with over 15 years’ experience in her field.

In her role as Senior Human Resource Manager for Scandinavian Tobacco Group Eersel, Ummels invests time in finding talent and developing employees through leadership coaching.

“I really love our Group values,” she says. “They are comprehensive and extremely well formulated; very usable for all kind of programs, activities and projects.”

Ummels began her career with Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2013 as an Interim HR Professional after deciding to specialise in strategic human resources in production environments.

“I found out that I like working in that area better because people working in these kinds of organisations are in general very proud of what they do and produce,” she says.

Through her involvement in human resource projects that benefit Group employees and contribute to the organisation’s progress in measurable ways, Ummels is ignited by the positive feedback she receives.

“Passion goes hand in hand with high performance,” she says. “The appreciation that we often receive is a good signal.”

Ummels is committed to the continuous learning experience. “I enjoy challenging environments and solving complex issues that have a positive result for our Group,” she says. “HR is really on the strategic agenda; every day we are building on a stronger Scandinavian Tobacco Group and I am glad to be part of that.”

When asked how her experience with Scandinavian Tobacco Group has been, Ummels simply asserts: “above expectations.”

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