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One year since they set up shop in Stockholm, Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sweden has already demonstrated how an organisation built around our values can make an impact on the business.

The new sales organisation was established as part of our Group’s strategy of expanding our geographical footprint to strengthen our winning position. Ronald Baak, Country Manager for Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sweden, reflects on the evolution of the Swedish entity and the passion that drove it to succeed.

“There was a need to establish a presence in Sweden to enhance and strengthen the Group’s commercial and financial performance. To successfully execute on this plan, we needed a team of bright and energetic professionals. We recruited 16 people without any history with the company or the industry, a challenge that we quickly overcame because our team has since developed their own capabilities and skillsets, understands what is expected of them and knows what they need to deliver to achieve success. The momentum is built. The sales force is highly motivated from realising all the concepts we implemented and has inspired so many around the Group. So, one year later, I see great happiness, great passion and a great story.”

With his extensive experience in the tobacco industry, Baak saw an opportunity to leverage his diverse experiences when he was given the responsibility of leading the Swedish sales force.

“Being Dutch and having worked for Scandinavian Tobacco Group in Copenhagen then back to Eersel and now in Stockholm, I’ve learned how to adapt my management style around all the cultures I have worked with. Although the level of responsibility is completely different now, I am familiar with the company, the processes, the stakeholders… and how we want to live up to our promise of growing together. Managing a team is always about giving guidance and keeping engagement levels high – in any industry.”

Discover our ignited colleagues in Sweden: https://www.st-group.com/en/media/news-stories/2018/my-ignition-sales-operation-manager-oscar-fant.

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